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Lip Enhancements

A revolution in lip and mouth remodeling.

  • Stimulate new collagen growth
  • Increase microcirculation
  • Results are evident immediately
  • Effect will continue for up to three years
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Boca – Absorbable Thread Lifting

Lip enhancement is a very common and highly popular procedure which can be carried out as a cosmetic treatment. BOCA (Italian for mouth) is a new minimally invasive technique that is transforming traditional lip and mouth remodeling.

Well-defined fuller lips that reflect the natural contours is the goal of lip remodeling. Add to this the advantage of three years’ duration of effect and BOCA is the obvious choice. BOCA Thread Lifting is not limited to lip remodeling, other areas that can be successfully treated include: lifting the angle of the mouth (eg. trout mouth), treatment of smoker wrinkles, filling of the naso-labial folds, filling of the marionette lines and filling of the chin fold.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is a simple minimally invasive technique that can be completed within 30 – 45 minutes with a minimum of downtime allowing you to quickly resume your social life. The absorbable suture is placed in the “white roll” of the lip following the natural lip contours.

A single suture is all that is required to produce the desired result. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic.
Normal activities can be resumed shortly after, however we do recommend minimizing excessive smiling, laughing and talking for 2-3 days.

What areas can be treated?

Absorbable thread lifting is ideal for lip augmentation and lip remodeling to produce well-defined lips that complement the natural lip contours. In addition BOCA can be used successfully to lift the side angles of the mouth and address “sad mouth” or “trout mouth”. This technique is called a lateral lip lift.

Other areas that can be treated include: smoker wrinkles, naso-labial folds, marionette lines and chin fold. All of these
procedures are minimally invasive and non-scarring.

Enhance the results

Traditional lip and mouth enhancement relied on the use of different types of semi permanent and absorbable fillers that need to be repeated regularly to maintain the same effect. Absorbable thread lifting with BOCA utilises absorbable threads that produce an immediate, long lasting volume and a more natural appearance.

Your Doctor may recommend a dermal filler to beused in combination with BOCA particularly if additional volume is required. The BOCA procedure will ensure longer lasting results compared to dermal fillers. If additional filler is required only a small amount is usually necessary.

Stimulate new collagen growth

The unique design of the absorbable BOCA threads stimulates new collagen growth and promotes micro-circulation in the area being treated. This accelerates the repair process and in turn improves skin tone, texture and colour. These are desirable attributes of absorbable thread placement that are not found with traditional dermal fillers.

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