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Thank you for sharing your experience and testimonials on Mount Gravatt Medical Centre, Skin Cancer Clinic, Aesthetic Clinic. We highly appreciate your precious time and will always do everything necessary to help you with our best advice. Thank you again!

I am very happy about service I get from this Medical Centre.

Reception at Mount Gravatt Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic is professional and polite. Doctor Urosevic (GP) is patient and extraordinary.

Mt Gravatt Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic and Dr Predrag Urosevic are very good. No more to say.

Dr Predrag Urosevic at Medical Centre and Skin Cancer Clinic in Mount Gravatt QLD is a very good doctor.

Doctor Predrag Urosevic has a fantastic personality and is a truly great physician.

Very good doctor. Nice reception and location. Deeply friendly. Highly recommended.

I feel at home with doctor and he is right on to your help.

Mount Gravatt Medical Centre Face Body Shaping Skin Cancer Clinic

I've had Skin Cancer attended at the other Medical Centre and they were unable to do it or just didn't know their job. This Doctor (Dr. Urosevic of Mt Gravatt MC) was able to do what other doctors were unable to. He (Dr. Urosevic) is a very good doctor. Thank you.

Mount Gravatt Medical Centre with presiding Doctor Predrag Urosevic is the best clinic I have ever been to. I had some trouble with my hearing - met with several doctors at various clinics. They all said that there was nothing to worry about and that the problem will resolve on its own - it didn't. Dr Urosevic solved the problem. He is highly experienced, conscientious and very professional!

Face Body Shaping Clinic

A friend of mine who recommended the Face Body Shaping Clinic in Mount Gravatt QLD had the four Pelleve treatments done and she experienced some pretty nice results - so I am really hoping the Pelleve treatment works for me as well.

I had a Pelleve treatment done on my face and neck. The treatment is meant to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. For best results, I was told that I will need a total of four treatments. So far, I only had the one treatment so I assume it is still too early to see results. Nevertheless, I was really happy with my experience.

Face Body Shaping Clinic

Had 2 fat reduction sessions done on my inner thighs. It's been about a month since I had the treatments done and I can already see some change. The lady that performed the treatments told me I will see full results after three months following treatments. I'm pretty excited because I can already tell that the fatty tissue on my inner thighs is beginning to shrink !

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